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Cairns Recycling Yard ANTON DEMOLITIONS

Cairns biggest & best recycling yard is located at 62 Tucker Street, Machans Beach. It’s 20 acres of recycled materials, hand-picked and salvaged from Anton Demolitions’ projects, across Cairns and North Queensland. It’s stocked full of everything the DIY would want, especially those renovating old Queenslander properties. We’re talking casement windows, structural hardwoods and timbers, arches, doors, kitchens, bathtubs, even toilets. Quality secondhand materials with character and charm, including silky oak furniture. If you are looking for something, we’ve probably got it or know where to get it. Open Thursday, Friday (10am – 4pm) and Saturday (8am – 12pm Mid Day), or other times by appointment. For more information, contact Martin on 0439 915 512 / martin@anton.com.au  or our office 4055 9461


Sadly, Anton Demolitions is often engaged to demolish or partially demolish Queenslander-style properties. This work is completed by hand, enabling us to salvage a minimum of 95% of materials. We’ve got casement windows, hallway arches, T & G flooring, VJ wall boards, exterior wall cladding,  gates and pretty much anything else you might need.


Extensive selection of secondhand building materials and appliances. We’re talking kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, laundries, sliding doors, security screens, lattice, furniture (including period Silky Oak), staircases, air-conditioners, hot water systems, lights, cupboard doors, ovens, sinks and more. It’s a treasure seekers delight.


If you want it, we’ve probably got it or can get it for you. For the outside we have letterboxes, gates, pavers, bricks, security screens, staircases, structural hardwood, garden appliances and ornaments, including pots, swimming pools, spas and more. We’re committed to sustainability and try to recycle all materials.


Thursday:  10am to 4pm
Friday:         10am to 4pm
Saturday:   8am to 12 mid day

Closed: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Closed: Sunday and Public Holidays
Available after hours by appointment only. Contact Martin for more information on mobile 0439 915 512 or our office 4055 9461

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Anton Demolitions were pioneeringly instrumental in setting up recycling operations, from the very earliest days of their demolition operations.

The owners embraced sustainability and believed strongly in on-selling and repurposing secondhand materials, salvaged from demolition projects, from the earliest days in the 1960s.

Today, Anton Demolitions continues this long and proud tradition, by ensuring that a minimum 95% of all building materials is actively salvaged and recycled from each and every project undertaken.

Unlike other demolition companies that merely crush and pulverise buildings and structures using heavy machinery, before loading them off-site as landfill in Rubbish dumps, our company proudly chooses to alternatively engage human hands by way of its extremely skilled and experienced staff to systematically dismantle and recycle all salvageable materials from demolished buildings and structures.

Our Cairns recycling yard is stocked with an amazing array of items. From antiques, collectibles and memorabilia to period pieces from Queenslanders, vanity basins, stainless steel sinks and security screens.


Some materials and items you might find include:

  • Aluminium & Timber Windows & Doors
  • Kitchens, Laundry tubs & Bathroom fittings
  • Toilets, Vanity Basins/Sinks & Bath Tubs
  • Air Conditioners & Hot Water Systems
  • Silky Oak & Other Furniture grade timbers
  • Assorted Furniture & Unusual Nic Nacs
  • Staircases, Lattice, gates, bricks, blocks & Pavers
  • Structural Hardwood Timber & Weather Boards
  • Metal Roofing Iron (Galvanised, Zinc and Colorbond)
  • Select Species Timber Flooring & VJ Wall boards
  • Security Screens, Letterboxes, Electrical Switches
  • Steel RSJ, U Beams, Channel, Box section, Pipes, Plate, Angle, C & Z Section Purlins
  • Gas and Electric Stoves and Ovens

For more information contact Martin on 0439 915 512 – martin@anton.com.au or our office 4055 9461

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